kinoflo 120

Kino Flo 1,20 4-Bank

Kino Flo’s award winning 4ft 4Bank portable lighting system is reintroduced with a new design. With new universal voltage from 100VAC to 240VAC, the 4Bank can be used anywhere in the world.  The 4Bank is brighter than a 1,000W softlight, yet draws only 2.6A (120VAC), 50% less than the previous model.

Key Features

·         Fixture: 4ft 4Bank

·         Part Number: CFX-484

·         Lamps: 4

·         Lamp Type: F75 / T12

·         Dimensions: 52 x 13 x 3.5" w/6.5" barndoors / 132 x 33 x 9cm w/16.5cm barndoors

·         Weight w/ Lamps: 11.5 lb / 5.2kg


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