F&V K4000S Power Bi-Color LED Panel Light

Utilizing a new lens design, the K4000S Power offers incredible brightness whenever the maximum output is needed. Maintaining a 75° wide beam angle the K4000S Power creates up to 6420 lux @ 1m and can still be powered by a single V-Mount battery.

With a TLCI of up to 99 (97±2) and a CRI of up to 97 (95±2), the Power fixtures raise the color reproduction to new heights, representing colors truthfully, neutral, and vibrant.

Incorporating the new F&V attachment system for light shaping accessories, you can mount light shaping tools like barndoors, honeycomb grids, diffusers, filterholders and softboxes easily and securely to the K4000S Power.

Key Features:

·         Bulbs: 4000 SE Bi-Color LEDs

·         TLCI: 97 ± 2.0

·         Color Rendering Index (Ra): 95 ± 2.0

·         Correlated Color Temperature (CCT): T:3200 ± 200 D:5600 ± 200

·         Lux@1m: 1534

·         Beam Angle: 50°

·         Dimming: 0-100% Continuous

·         Power Voltage Range: 10-18 V DC

·         Net Weight: 6.9 kg (15.3 lbs) (Excluding Batteries)

·         Power Consumption: 25.5 W Nominal, 26.2 W Maximum


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