Oconnor 2065

OConnor 2065

Designed to handle popular digital cameras like the RED One, SONY F-35, and ARRI Alexa, the 2065 is loaded with the same popular features and controls that have made OConnor fluid heads the favorites of cinematographers worldwide. Users will enjoy the benefits of OConnor’s stepless, ultra-smooth pan & tilt fluid drag –specifically designed to deliver the ultimate control and stability necessary for film-style shooting. OConnor’s patented sinusoidal counterbalance system provides true, accurate balance at any point in the tilt range. Replacing the renowned 2060HD, the new 2065 shares the ergonomic design of OConnor’s higher-payload fluid heads like the popular 2575D and 120EX models. Pan and tilt breaks are conveniently located on the left side of the head–so operation is both intuitive and familiar.


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