Velvet Light 4 GR

Incredibly soft and wraparound quality light to easily get beauty shots and natural portraits. VELVET Light 4 is so efficient to deliver 1070 Lux (100 fc) of soft light at 3 meters with a power draw of just 290W. 100% aluminum body. Robust and dustproof IP51, made to endure the toughest shooting conditions on any location or in any studio. VELVET electronics and the one-piece aluminum heatsink keep the LED in the optimum temperature to last beyond 50.000 hours. The outstanding efficacy of 105 lumen per watt dramatically reduces the electric consumption and cabling installation while the 100% silent fan free operation eliminates the need of maintenance or ventilator failure.

Key Features

·         COLOUR TEMPERATURE: adjustable from 2700K to 6500K in 100K steps

·         LIGHT INTENSITY: dimmable 0 to 100

·         POWER DRAW: 290W

·         POWER SUPPLY: 26-28V DC/ 90-264V AC 50/60Hz

·         BEAM ANGLE: 100º


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