Velvet Light 2×2 GR

The VELVET Power 2×2 has the unique characteristic of concentrated intensity from a broad source, delivering a huge 25000 lux / 2300 fc from 340W of power. It brings VELVET LED technology to a fixture muscular enough for exterior work. It has 30º light beam. The concentrated output is powerful enough to be bounced, shaped, or softened with traditional grip, VELVET hard diffusion or foldable Snapgrids and Snapbags.

Key Features

·         COLOUR TEMPERATURE: adjustable from 2700K to 6500K in 100K steps

·         LIGHT INTENSITY: dimmable 0 to 100/ flicker-free up to 2000 fps

·         POWER DRAW: 340W (12.1 Amps at 28 VDC – 0.7 Amps at 230VAC)

·         POWER SUPPLY: 26-28V DC   90-264V AC  50/60Hz

·         BEAM ANGLE: 30º (tunable with optics diffusers)


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