ARRI M-Series M18 Highspeed Set GR

The M18 is an 1,800 W open face lamphead, combining the Academy Scientific and Engineering Award-winning lens-less optical technology of the ARRIMAX with the innovative True-Blue design. The result is an extremely powerful lamphead, as small as a 1,200W PAR but with a 70 % higher light output. The M-Series M18 fixture is adjustable from 20° to 60° without requiring spreader lenses.

Key Features

·         1 x HMI Lamp Head

·         1 x EB MAX High Speed Ballast

·         1 x Head-to-Ballast Cable

·         1 x Four-Way Barndoor Set

·         1200 Hz High-Speed Filming Capability

·         DMX Control, 50 to 100% Dimming


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