Sony VENICE 6K Digital Motion Picture Camera with Rialto Camera Extension System GR

Providing a flexible design configuration within a single camera body, the Sony VENICE 6K Digital Motion Picture Camera is meant to provide you with just the amount of camera you need, so you don't have to invest in more than necessary. It features a full-frame CMOS sensor with 15+ stops of dynamic range, but in its basic configuration it windows the sensor to shoot Super 35.

When you need to mount your VENICE camera on a stabilizer, shoot from a helicopter, or fit it into a tight space, the Sony Rialto Camera Extension System enables you to remove the sensor block and extend it up to 18' away from the camera body with no loss of image quality. This allows you to acquire images remotely with the same 6K image quality and functionality the VENICE is known for.

Key Features

·         Full-Frame CMOS Sensor

·         Supports UHD 4K and DCI 4K Capture

·         15+ Stops of Dynamic Range

·         Supports 6K Capture with License Update

·         Anamorphic Capture with License Update

·         Removable PL Mount, Cooke /i Protocol

·         8 x Integrated ND Filters

·         Integrated Assistant-Side Info Screen

Dual SxS Card Slots for XAVC or ProRes


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